Monday, October 26, 2015

Colouring Outside the Lines

I've finished the outline for project #3, the sequel to Burnt Worlds which is tentatively titled Chosen One.  Making the outline has involved several spreadsheets, Scrivener projects, and pages and pages of scribbled notes.  It also involved a lot of staring at the ceiling and/or pacing around; these are both vital and important parts of the creative process.  Apparently.

Some characters have returned, others will return later.  We'll be meeting some new people, and visiting some new and interesting locations.  There may be an explosion, possibly some weapons fire, and probably a cuss word or two.

Time to find a chew toy pen and get started on the first draft.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Thinking Medieval Thoughts

After two solids months of nose-to-grindstone, I've finished a new draft of MCtW.  I rewrote some chapters that weren't up to standards, added a bunch of good stuff, and tore out a bunch of stuff I no longer liked.  I think it's in much better shape now, and it's off to my favourite kaleidoscope for the benefit of her insight and feedback.  I'm still planning on a December release, and I think I'm on schedule for that.

Since MCtW is a fantasy story, I've had my mind stuck in a fantasy frame of mind for months now.  Like I tell people, I've been thinking medieval thoughts.  The books I've been reading have been Republic of Theives and Tigana, and the games I've been playing have been Diablo III and Witcher III.  Swords and magic, everywhere I look; it's great.

But now that MCtW is in the hands of others, I'm going to start working on project #3, which will be a sequel to Burnt Worlds.  The current working title is Chosen One.  Because it's science fiction, I need to force my brain to switch gears, to start thinking about spaceships instead of castles.  First up, I think, will be watching Interstellar.  Then maybe Mass Effect and Star Wars.  That should get me started.