Saturday, May 23, 2020

It came out of nowhere

Here at the Madill compound, spring has appeared all of a sudden.  Last weekend it snowed, which I thought was a bit disrespectful.  This weekend, it's somewhere around 27C (that's 81F or thereabouts) and absolutely glorious.  There have been no apologies for last weekend's wintry nonsense.

I'm happy to report that the third book in the 'Hybrid' series (currently called Hybrid #3; catchy, huh?) is off to visit the Readers Of The Apopsicle.  It's already been through three edits/rewrites/beatings, and there are still a couple chapters that need another visit from the red pen.

The middle book of the last series (Loyalties) felt the same as this new one does:  it's the middle of the series, so it doesn't so much finish plot threads as it does set pieces in motion for what happens next. 

Zura, for her part, would say that this newest book is mostly about people trying to distract and irritate her as much as possible.  She's not wrong.

Also, for the person who asked, another familiar face from the 'Borealis' series does indeed stop by, and they have an agenda of their own.  But more on that later.