Monday, June 11, 2018

Northern Grandeur

Here in the North, it's almost summer.  Our igloos have begun to melt, and everything is soaked.  Soon it will be time to follow the herds of caribou (and the zombie marmosets) as they migrate up to the highlands.  We will watch over them, and as they graze we will sing the ancient songs of fear and panic once sung by our ancestors.

Or it just means there's no hockey, and I don't have to wear a jacket while barbequing.  That's okay too, I guess.

Red Space is now out for one last round of external editing.  My brother is an actual, I-kid-you-not poet, and has a gift for individual word choices that is infuriating inspiring.  Why would a character look at something, when they can peer, or gaze, or glance, or behold?

Canada Day is July 1st.  Canadians celebrate the day in 1867 when some of the leftover North American colonies asked Britain if they could become sorta independent, and everyone seemed okay with the idea.  Anyway, that's the day I'm hoping to release Red Space.

After that, I've got two ideas in my head fighting over who gets to go next.  One is set a few years later in the Borealis universe, and the other is an entirely different setting.  Both of them have interesting characters who are trying to get my attention.  I'm going to spend some time with them, and see which one reaches critical mass.

I've had a few people ask if they could hire me to proofread and/or edit some of their own work.  I'm shocked flattered that someone would think I'm good enough.  If you like my style and you think you'd like to do that, then:  (a) thank you, and (b) sure, why not?  Drop me a line and we'll sort something out.

I better hurry.  The marmosets have left without me.