Saturday, February 2, 2019

Permission Assets and other vitally important things

It's now February, and time for my January update.  And just like that, you've already learned a little something about my scheduling skills.

The Brain is a mysterious and poorly-understood part of the body.  I never seem to know what sort of nonsense Brain going to come out with next.  Some days, Brain opens up and wonderful ideas flood out.  Other days it just stares, seemingly fascinated by pointless things.

Because it's high time I posted an update, and because Brain was being particularly pointless, I decided to enlist the help of The Googles.  Surely*, I thought, I could find a compelling idea for an update.

Some of the ideas were, uh, unusual.  Here are my 4 favourites.  I swear I'm not making these up; these were actual suggestions for author blog posts.

1.  " a permission asset..."  (I have no idea)
2.  "Your relationship to a special tree..."  (What the tree and I have together is no one's business)
3.  "Writer fashion..."  (I have pants on, isn't that enough?)
4.  "Love letter to a product..."  (What the microwave and I have together is no one's business)

Obviously, none of those are my ideas.  I know that because I didn't have any ideas today.

In actual book-related news, I'm deliriously happy to report that 'Monster' (working title) is now on its third draft.  Very soon, it will start making its way to one or more of the Readers of the Apocalypse, who will subject it to adversity because (I'm told) that builds character.

* Leslie Nielsen, we miss you.