Thursday, November 29, 2018

Mrs. Lloyd was right.

Here in my part of the beautiful and spectacular Great White North, we've managed to avoid the wet, messy weather normally associated with autumn.  We've done this -- it's rather cunning -- by skipping autumn completely.  In a few short weeks we've gone from "Good grief it's hot" to "My face froze and fell off".

While this grey murk is going on outside, occasionally punctuated by snow blowing horizontally, I've been inside scribbling.  I've defaced half a dozen large notebooks with my indecipherable writing. 

I remember a report card I received, back in Grade 5.  This was around the time of the opening of the Great Pyramid, when grades were given on a scale from A to F.  My grade for Penmanship was a U.  Apparently, Mrs. Lloyd had some grave misgivings about my handwriting.

10 points for every word you can make out.

Despite this terrible hardship, progress is being made.  I now have 60,000 words of the next book, which has the (occasionally-changing) working title of 'Monster'.  It's the first book in the new 'Hybrid' series, which takes place several decades after the events of the 'Borealis' series.  We'll be meeting Mahasa Zura Varta, a legendary Palani general who has been given an unexpected new assignment.

More details will come later.  Right now, I need to go translate my chicken-scratches into English.