Saturday, November 12, 2022

New Trilogy: Cover Preview

In my previous two series, I wrote one book at a time, publishing each before going on to the next.  Which was great until I got closer to the end of the series and realised I'd painted myself into a metaphorical corner or two.

This time, as I've probably mentioned ad nauseam, I'm writing all three in one go.  Through doing it this way, I've learned a few things.  

For instance, if I want to do something in Book 3, I can go back and change stuff that happened in Book 1.  I can't do that if Book 1 is already in peoples' hands.  This part is awesome.

Also, it makes for a very long time since I've published anything at all, which causes some people to wonder if I've been abducted by aliens.  I haven't been abducted yet, but I'm trying.

Also also, editing three books at once is painful.  On a related note, asking the wonderful Readers Of The Apopsicle to read three books at once is painful for them and I mustn't do that again.

Also also also, the bits that I thought were super clever actually weren't.  I should probably know this by now, but here we are.

All that being said, things are proceeding.  Editing is happening, feedback is being gratefully received, tweaks are being made.  The end is in sight.

I haven't 100% settled on the titles for all three books, but I think the cover art is coming together.

I'd like to say that the books will be ready before the snow flies, but it's supposed to snow tomorrow so I already know that isn't going to work.  So I'll keep plugging away, and it'll be ready when it's ready.  Soonish?