Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Crusades: Cover Image

I'm knee-deep in the first round of edits for 'Crusades', the fourth and last book in the 'Hybrid' series.  As I've mentioned before, this book is twice the size of any of the previous books, so each step of the process is taking about twice as long.

While I hammer away at that, the final cover art has arrived.  It's a great cover for the book, and I think the whole thing's going to be a fun adventure to finish off the series.

In the meantime, ideas are starting to coalesce into the front-runner candidates for the story I start next.  Most of the ideas are centred in the same universe, either close to previous events or far, far away.  There are some fun characters that are taking shape, and some very nifty ideas to get the story rolling.

Back in the real world, March has arrived and winter's grip on the land is starting to slip.  I hope everything's awesome where you are, and that everyone's staying safe and healthy. 

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Working Titles

Happy New Year!  At last, 2020 is in the past.  When last year started I thought for sure it would be the year that we solve our problems and finally get flying cars.  Didn't quite turn out that way.  

I'm happy to report a bit of news:  after a few weeks of obsession intense focus, I've finished the first draft of 'Crusades', the fourth book in the 'Hybrid' series.  It's hefty.


At 160k words, it's almost twice the size of any other book I've written so far.  It will almost certainly shrink during editing, but depending on the final size I still might break it into two books that I publish one right after the other.  That also depends on finding a reasonable place to break the story, without just stopping mid-sentence with a "To Be Continued..."  No one likes it when stories do that.

This book finishes the 'Hybrid' series, and quite a lot happens.  I don't want to spoil anything (because spoiling my own book would be silly), but Yaella might do something without thinking it through and Zura might be irritated by something.  The book is going to be called 'Crusades', though at one point I gave a file the working title of 'For Crying Out Loud, Now What?'.

The cover art is already underway.  It's gone through two revisions, and I think it's just about done.  Once it's finalised, I'll come back here and share it.

In the meantime, good luck to you all with 2021.  Here's hoping it's better than 2020!