Monday, September 25, 2017

Borealis 4: First Draft Complete

After several weeks of intensive (obsessive?) effort, the first draft of Realm of Elinth is complete.  This will be the fourth book in the story of HMCS Borealis.  At the moment, it weighs in at a little bigger than the third book (Loyalties), but that will change during editing.

The next stage of book creation involves a printed manuscript, a red pen, and a lot of scribbled notes.  Once I've done my initial editing, I'll be sending it out to the Four Readers of the Apocalypse (and other noted stone-throwers) for their feedback.

In the weeks before the release of the fourth Borealis book, I'm planning on doing some giveaways of the previous books in the series, so that attractive and intelligent people can catch up before Realm of Elinth hatches.  Everyone who is subscribed to the Fancy New Newsletter will be eligible.

In the meantime, it's the start of autumn here in rural Ontario: the season of village fairs, warm clothes, and pumpkin-spice-flavoured everything.