Friday, July 2, 2021

Crusades: Now Available!

Crusades, the fourth and final book in the 'Hybrid' series, is now available!

The story of Zura and Yaella, which started with Blue Guardian, comes to a head in the final book of the series.  

Crusades follows quickly after the events of Alliances.  We rejoin Yaella in her quest to find the abducted Hybrids, as Zura fights to keep political events from spiralling out of control. 


"It is time to do what's necessary." 

Across Human space, national governments squabble over resources, borders, and the millions of refugees from an evacuated Earth. In Palani space, the members of the Pentarch Council continue their centuries-old political games of scheming, deceit, and assassination. 
Lifelong soldier Mahasa Zura Varta tries to stand apart from it all, governing her outlying sector while the infighting and animosity comes to a boil all around her. 
Meanwhile, Zura's adoptive daughter Yaella returns to deep space, following the trail of Palani-Human hybrids being abducted and taken coreward. She's in over her head, but isn't going to let that stop her. 
The galaxy's balance of power is upended, and an ancient empire edges toward chaos. Somewhere near the galactic centre, beyond dead worlds and a dreadnought of wrecked ships, a mysterious race called the 'Union' lies at the heart of everything. 
Corporations, religions, and good intentions: corruption can infect them all. Who will do what needs to be done?


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I hope you've enjoyed the series, and hope you have fun as it all comes together.  Or comes apart.

This series has been a lot of fun, and I've had a great time getting to know the characters.  While the spotlight might move away from them, it's very possible that we'll be checking in on them in the future.

At the moment, I've already started working on the next series, set in the same universe.  Some neat ideas have already started to accumulate, and I'll share news about it in a little while.