Saturday, December 30, 2017

Realm of Elinth: Now Available!

The story of HMCS Borealis continues in the fourth book Realm of Elinth, which is now available on Amazon.
Time is running out for the Milky Way. 
The galaxy continues to be overrun by the invading Horlan.  Hundreds of worlds are being consumed, and entire civilizations are threatened. 
On the other side of a jumpgate, three science vessels are stranded in another galaxy.  Their research could mean the difference between victory and extinction, and HMCS Borealis is being sent to bring them home.  But one science ship has its own agenda, one can't be found, and one doesn't seem to want to be found. 
Isolated and alone, the Borealis crew wonders if it's already too late for their homes and loved ones.  Nerves fray and tempers flare as they struggle with the prospect of being humanity's last hope.  Dillon and his battered crew must navigate not only the dangers of a long-dead civilisation, but the dangers they pose to each other. 
Their chance to save humanity will come in an unexpected form, and at a high cost.
Their story will conclude in the fifth book in the series.  If all goes well, it will arrive in Spring 2018.

Realm of Elinth on Amazon:

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Realm of Elinth: Cover Image

I now have the final version of the cover for Realm of Elinth:

Realm of Elinth is the fourth book in the series of HMCS Borealis.  The final edits are just about done, and I'm on course to release it next week.

To everyone near and far, Merry Christmas!  Or Festivus.  Or, as the Dosh might say, Primary Gift Exchange Event.  Or, as the Freem might say, [moist slurping sound].

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Summoned: Now Available!

Realm of Elinth, the fourth book in the story of HMCS Borealis, is out with the Readers Of The Apocalypse for some final edits and comments.  I'm looking forward to seeing what they have to say.

In the meantime, it gives me some time to take care of another project I've been working on.  My fantasy book from last year, previously titled Magic Comes to Whiteport, has been given a new title and a new cover!

Summoned is now available on Amazon.  I'm delighted with how the cover has turned out.  The great people at Deranged Doctor Design have done a fantastic job of bringing Katryn to life.  Well, not 'life' per se, because... well, necromancy complicates things.

Here's a teaser for Summoned:

Something's wrong with magic. Powerful artifacts are vanishing. Magical gear can't be trusted. Spells are failing. Without magic, the Empire will collapse.

Katryn Windhelm was murdered. Now she comes to Whiteport set on revenge against its lord, who ordered her family killed. With her is Donza, the necromancer who gave her new 'life' after death.

The Nick is the greatest thief in the western Empire. He's inherited his mother's title and magical gear, making his life of burglary an easy one. But then a ring failed, and a job went wrong.

Anson the knight has spent her life protecting her lord, who has powerful Seer abilities beyond his control. Along with her apprentice Howe, she must shepherd her tormented master toward the destiny he has foreseen.

Three paths in pursuit of revenge, artifacts, and magic. All paths leading to Whiteport, the city on the sea.

Available on Amazon:
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