Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Borealis Book 3: First Draft Complete

After a bit of a marathon over the weekend, I've finished up the first draft for the third Borealis book, following on from Burnt Worlds and Chosen.  I very much enjoyed writing it.  My favourite days are when I sit down in the morning with a cup of tea and pick up my pen, and the next thing I know it's dark, my tea is cold, and I suddenly have twenty or thirty pages of scribbled hieroglyphics.

This third book will be the middle of the Borealis series, and characters not seen in Chosen have returned.  War rages through human space and, without giving anything away, things aren't going well at all for some people.

I'm going to spend the rest of this month giving the draft an edit; there are some scenes I already know are going to get changed, and others that will be added.  When all that's done, I will be summoning the Four Readers of the Apocalypse to saddle up once again.