Burnt Worlds (HMCS Borealis, book 1)
Size Novel, 98k words
Genre Science Fiction
Status Published 15 February 2015

Preview:  Chapter One

The commander of HMCS Borealis has a problem.  Several, actually, the most pressing of which is that he’s not even supposed to be in charge.  Disaster struck during the testing of a new jump drive, leaving the ship crippled and Lieutenant Dillon the highest-ranking officer still alive.

At the far edge of the galaxy, beyond any hope of rescue, it’s up to Dillon to pull the survivors together and get the ship home.  As he struggles with the unexpected burden of command, things go from bad to worse.

A fugitive alien priestess arrives, her presence a diplomatic nightmare waiting to happen.  A mysterious ship follows them with murderous intent.  And the Borealis’s desperate second jump lands them in uncharted space, surrounded by star systems full of dead planets.

With supplies dwindling, Dillon and the crew of the Borealis find themselves in a race against time to solve a centuries-old mystery.  Can they stop an ancient enemy from being unleashed?  Or are all the planets of the galaxy destined to become burnt worlds?

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Summoned:  Magic Comes to Whiteport
Size Novel, 77k words
Genre Fantasy Fiction
Status Published 29 February 2016
Republished 10 December 2017

Preview:  Chapter One

Something's wrong with magic.  Powerful artifacts are vanishing.  Magical gear can't be trusted.  Spells are failing.  Without magic, the Empire will collapse.

Katryn Windhelm was murdered.  Now she comes to Whiteport set on revenge against its lord, who ordered her family killed.  With her is Donza, the necromancer who gave her new 'life' after death.

The Nick is the greatest thief in the western Empire.  He's inherited his mother's title and magical gear, making his life of burglary an easy one.  But then a ring failed, and a job went wrong.  

Anson the knight has spent her life protecting her lord, who has powerful Seer abilities beyond his control.  Along with her apprentice Howe, she must shepherd her tormented master toward the destiny he has foreseen.

Three paths in pursuit of revenge, artifacts, and magic.  All paths leading to Whiteport, the city on the sea.

This book was previously published as 'Magic Comes to Whiteport', with a different cover.

Chosen (HMCS Borealis, book 2) 
Size Novel, 88k words
Genre Science Fiction
Status Published 5 August 2016

Preview:  Chapter One

The Prophet is missing.  He must be found and returned to his homeworld, or there will be war.

The ancient Palani once ruled thousands of worlds, until their empire was consumed by the invading Horlan.  Only their mastery of genetic science helped them avoid extinction.

Now, they have created their greatest triumph:  the Prophet, the Elanasal Palani, distilled from the saints of ages past.  A beacon for a tired people, he will unite them against their new foe: the upstart Humans.

But the Prophet has disappeared.  He has travelled to Earth to meet these Humans himself, to understand why, in the name of enlightenment, they need to be destroyed.

Commander Dillon and the crew of HMCS Borealis must find the Prophet. But time is short, and fleets are already on the move.  And the Prophet has discovered more on Earth than he expected.

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Loyalties (HMCS Borealis, book 3) 
Size Novel, 61k words
Genre Science Fiction
Status Published 21 April 2017

Humanity is in retreat.

The relentless Horlan have returned, invading deep into human space.  Entire colonies are being harvested.

Since leaving the navy, Eric Cho and the mechanic Saparun Vish have lived a simple life, farming on a distant colony world.  But now the war has come to them, and they must find a way to escape their doomed colony.

Commander Dillon is the reluctant captain of HMCS Borealis.  An old ship relegated to the sidelines of the ongoing conflict, her crew is restless to get into the action.  Dillon knows their chance will come soon enough, and with it will come pain and sacrifice.

Fate has chosen the fiery Heather Gibson to be a spiritual leader of the alien Palani.  An old civilisation in decline since the last war, the Palani now teeter on the edge of extinction.   Along with her bond-mate Elan, Heather must prepare the Palani to face their nemesis once more, or face their own extinction.

For a chance to defeat the ancient evil, humanity will pay a heavy cost.

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Realm of Elinth  (HMCS Borealis, book 4) 
Size Novel, 65k words
Genre Science Fiction
Status Published 30 December 2017

Time is running out for the Milky Way.

The galaxy continues to be overrun by the invading Horlan. Hundreds of worlds are being consumed, and entire civilizations are threatened.

On the other side of a jumpgate, three science vessels are stranded in another galaxy. Their research could mean the difference between victory and extinction, and HMCS Borealis is being sent to bring them home. But one science ship has its own agenda, one can't be found, and one doesn't seem to want to be found.

Isolated and alone, the Borealis crew wonders if it's already too late for their homes and loved ones. Nerves fray and tempers flare as they struggle with the prospect of being humanity's last hope. Dillon and his battered crew must navigate not only the dangers of a long-dead civilisation, but the dangers they pose to each other.

Their chance to save humanity will come in an unexpected form, and at a high cost.

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Red Space (HMCS Borealis, book 5) 
Size Novel, 73k words
Genre Science Fiction
Status Published 1 July 2018

They may already be too late.

Earth is losing the war against the Horlan. The crew of HMCS Borealis is on a last, desperate mission to turn the tide. Travelling to another galaxy, they have rescued scientists in search of a miracle, and gained an unexpected ally... but all at a terrible cost.

With no contact from home, the crews of the Borealis, Sagan and Nirupak may be all that remains of humanity. Struggling with their losses and despair, the crews prepare for what lies ahead. But hidden in the darkness of a hostile galaxy, something else has taken notice.

Against impossible odds, the Borealis sails one last time to fight in a war that may already be lost, and to come face-to-face with an ancient mystery.

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Blue Guardian (Hybrid, book 1)
Size Novel, 75k words
Genre Science Fiction
Status Published 16 July 2019

It's been forty years since the end of the war.  Despite struggling with millions of refugees, humanity looks to the future. Their uneasy allies -- the Palani -- look to the past, and remember the vast empire they once ruled.

New Fraser is a human colony deep in Palani space.  Once a thriving Palani world, it's now an empty ruin, given to the humans to establish a settlement.  The colonists are trying to build a new life, while wary of their alien hosts.

Zura Varta is a living legend among the Palani.  For eight hundred years, Mahasa (General) Varta led the forces of the Palani empire.  She's fought countless battles, and gained a reputation for ruthlessness.  But now the war is over, and the old warrior faces a new 'peaceful' galaxy that no longer needs her.

Living in the debris of the past, the humans and Palani struggle to create their futures amid the barren lawlessness of the frontier.
And on New Fraser, the colonists are about to meet their new governor...

Coreward (Hybrid, book 2)
Size Novel, 70k words
Genre Science Fiction
Status Published 28 December 2019

For eight centuries, Mahasa (General) Zura Varta led the forces of the Palani Empire, gaining a reputation for ruthlessness.  Now she is the Governor of the Outer Frontier Territories, overseeing dozens of new human colonies on former Palani worlds.

As the Mahasa’s adopted daughter, Yaella grew up in a world of discipline and order.  Newly graduated from university, the impetuous young woman dreams of a life travelling the stars.  With her friends Tal and Bucky, she wants to buy a ship and go into business.

But Palani-Human hybrids like Yaella aren’t welcome in some areas of the galaxy.  In other areas they’re sought after… for the wrong reasons.

When you fly Coreward, you fly into danger.  It’s a place where merely landing on the wrong planet can set unexpected events in motion.  Some events will affect a single young life, and some events will affect the entire galaxy.

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Alliances (Hybrid, book 3)
Size Novel, 84k words
Genre Science Fiction
Status Published 3 September 2020

Fifty years have passed since the end of the war and the evacuation of Earth. Millions of people still live in refugee camps while humanity's governments argue over their fate.

Humanity's ally -- the ancient Palani Empire -- is creating colonies to house the neglected refugees. Ruthless war hero Zura Varta now finds herself governing dozens of colonies full of irritating humans.

Zura's people are dwindling toward extinction. To stave off oblivion, geneticists are creating a generation of Human/Palani hybrids. But those that are 'too human' are abandoned; only a lucky few are adopted, like Zura's daughter Yaella.

Now, hybrid children are being abducted and shipped Coreward. For impulsive Yaella, finding and rescuing her hybrid 'family' gives her the purpose she's been looking for.

For resolute Zura, the fate of a few hundred children is trivial compared to a widening crisis that threatens the lives of millions.

Mother and daughter are both headed into uncharted territory. They'll need to find people they can trust. They'll need to make Alliances.

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Crusades (Hybrid, book 4)
Size Novel, 129k words
Genre Science Fiction
Status Published 1 July 2021

"It is time to do what's necessary."

Across Human space, national governments squabble over resources, borders, and the millions of refugees from an evacuated Earth. In Palani space, the members of the Pentarch Council continue their centuries-old political games of scheming, deceit, and assassination.

Lifelong soldier Mahasa Zura Varta tries to stand apart from it all, governing her outlying sector while the infighting and animosity comes to a boil all around her.

Meanwhile, Zura's adoptive daughter Yaella returns to deep space, following the trail of Palani-Human hybrids being abducted and taken coreward. She's in over her head, but isn't going to let that stop her.

The galaxy's balance of power is upended, and an ancient empire edges toward chaos. Somewhere near the galactic centre, beyond dead worlds and a dreadnought of wrecked ships, a mysterious race called the 'Union' lies at the heart of everything. Corporations, religions, and good intentions: corruption can infect them all. Who will do what needs to be done?

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Rosie (working title)
Size ?
Genre Urban Fantasy/Sci-Fi Fiction
Status Vague ideas in my head


Dead Again (working title)
Size ?
Genre Fantasy Fiction
Status Vague ideas in my head