'What Was Lost' series

Heresy & Hyperspace Corruption & Meltdown Salvation & Sacrifice

For centuries, the people of Pillar have lived in the ruins of their ancestors. While some toil in the fields, others explore the deep Vaults to collect the technological debris of the Ancients. They dread the yearly arrival of the all-knowing Inquisitors, who come in their starships to collect the harvest of grains, relics, and people.

Jan Temhof is Pillar's new Deacon, chosen to be the Inquisitor's apprentice. But he is determined to make a difference, to improve the lives of his people. To do this, he'll have to take risks, and make sacrifices.

Joining forces with the talented shipwright Mell, they venture into the galaxy's frontier worlds, each of them looking for something.

But they are not the only ones searching. The leaders of Jan's Faith are racing against the invading Enemy, seeking the fabled Temple of Creation and the limitless power it is said to possess.

Pursued by both sides, Jan will be faced with the ultimate question: what price will he pay to save his people?

'Hybrid' series

Blue Guardian Coreward Alliances Crusades

It's been forty years since the end of the war against the Humans.

Zura Varta is a living legend among the dwindling Palani people: she led their forces for centuries, gaining a reputation for bravery and ruthlessness. But now the war is over, and the old warrior faces a new 'peaceful' galaxy that no longer needs her.

Appointed to govern a colony of restive humans, Mahasa (General) Varta reluctantly accepts. Before long, Zura finds herself forging connections with former enemies, wary about letting them into her life. Ill-suited to politics, the Mahasa navigates the demands of squabbling human governments and the centuries-old machinations of her own people as they fight to stave off extinction.

As the galaxy lurches toward crisis, it may be time for the old soldier to do what is necessary.

'HMCS Borealis' series
Burnt Worlds Chosen Loyalties Realm of Elinth Red Space

During the testing of a new jump drive, disaster strikes. Lieutenant Dillon is the highest-ranking officer still alive, and it's up to him to pull the survivors together and bring their crippled vessel home.

So begins the story of the cruiser HMCS Borealis, whose crew find themselves embroiled in a galaxy-spanning adventure:
  • A fugitive priestess, her presence a diplomatic nightmare waiting to happen.
  • A mysterious ship following them with murderous intent.
  • An alien prophet, travelling the galaxy as he tries to understand why humanity must be destroyed.
  • An ancient menace from both near and far, bringing war as it overruns the Milky Way in search of something unknown.

Against impossible odds, the aging Borealis sails one last time, to fight in a war for humanity's survival. A war that may already be lost.



Something's wrong with magic.  Spells are failing, magical gear can't be trusted, and powerful artifacts are going missing. Without magic, the Empire will collapse.

Katryn Windhelm was murdered.  Now she comes to Whiteport set on revenge.  With her is Donza, the necromancer who gave her new 'life' after death.

The Nick was the greatest thief in the western Empire, until a job went wrong.  

Anson and Howe, two knights protecting their lord, who has powerful Seer abilities beyond his control. 

Three paths in pursuit of revenge, artifacts, and magic.  All paths leading to Whiteport, the city on the sea.

This book was previously published as 'Magic Comes to Whiteport'.

In Progress / Planned
WT: Six Bits WT: Rosie WT: Dead Again ? ?

I have a few more ideas bouncing around in my head. A few of them are already taking shape.