Wednesday, May 29, 2024


I'm happy to report that, after a busy weekend of scribbling (and rather a lot of energy drinks), the first draft of the next book stands at 90000 words.  The big crazy climactic scene is done, and I'm happy with the first version of it.

All that's left now is the aftermath/cleanup/denouement, where I clean up the mess I made, tie up the loose ends, complete the story for this book, and get things ready for the next book.  I'm hoping to get it done this coming weekend, but we'll see.

In other news, our happy D&D group continues to find new ways to be silly and/or incompetent.  I'm doing my very best to lead the charge, setting an example of poor decision making for others to not follow.

Our group of lunatics was going cross-country, still trying to get away from the Big Baddie.  During the night, someone got into our camp and robbed us, stealing something valuable from each character.  The next day, a Mysteriously Convenient Visitor showed up to make us a deal:  if we help them, they'll get our stuff back.  I'm still about 99% sure that MCV is the one who took our stuff in the first place, but what can you do?  

We agreed (see 'poor decision making', above) to go break into a home of a local Bad Person and break some magical seals that were preventing the local Good People from apprehending them.  Again, I'm fairly certain that we've got it all wrong, and the Good People are actually the Bad People, and so on.

Arriving at the home of the alleged Bad Person, we had a committee meeting about what to do.  We agreed, first and foremost, to not split the party.

So, of course, we split the party.  Team 'Sneak In Through The Basement' went to sneak in through the basement, while Team 'Try The Front Door', of which I was a part, went to try the front door.  Which had traps.  Traps that shot at party members.  So now the party warlock is on the ground.  And, I think, on fire.  That counts as a result, right?  Can't wait to get back together for more hilariously poor decision making.