Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Blue Guardian: Cover Image

I'm delighted to introduce the final cover art for Blue Guardian, the first book in the 'Hybrid' series.

Everyone, meet Mahasa Varta.  Ma'am, meet the nice people.  Please don't hurt them.

The current draft has been making the rounds of the 'Readers of the Apopsicle' (© Dr. Jones), and there has been some great feedback so far.  As soon as the feedback is all in, I'll be able to create another draft and send it to more people for more feedback.  It's the circle of life.

In the meantime, I'm forging ahead with the first draft of Coreward, the second book in the series.  I'm currently at around 30k words, and scribbling is proceeding apace.  If all goes well, Blue Guardian and Coreward will come out within a very few months of each other. 

I'm already planning out the third book in the series.  Current plans call for adventure, and maybe a happy little explosion or two.