Thursday, September 3, 2020

Alliances: Now Available!

The story continues!  Alliances, the third book in the 'Hybrid' series, is now available.

Continuing shortly after the events in Coreward, we rejoin Yaella in her ongoing quest to find and rescue the Human/Palani hybrids like herself.  She'll have to travel to places old and new, to pick up the trail of her abducted 'family'.

In the meantime, her formidable adoptive mother, the Mahasa Zura Varta, fights to stay on top of squabbling human governments, the indifferent Palani leadership, and a developing political crisis. 

"You don't have to do this alone."

Fifty years have passed since the end of the war and the evacuation of Earth.  Millions of people still live in refugee camps, while humanity's governments argue over their fate.

Humanity's ally -- the ancient Palani Empire -- is creating colonies to house the neglected refugees.  Ruthless war hero Zura Varta now finds herself governing dozens of colonies full of irritating humans.

Zura's people are dwindling toward extinction.  To stave off oblivion, geneticists are creating a generation of Human/Palani hybrids.  But those that are 'too human' are abandoned; only a lucky few are adopted, like Zura's daughter Yaella.

Now, hybrid children are being abducted.  For impulsive Yaella, finding and rescuing her hybrid 'family' gives her the purpose she's been looking for.

For resolute Zura, the fate of a few hundred children is trivial compared to a widening crisis that threatens the lives of millions.

Mother and daughter are both headed into uncharted territory.  They'll need to find people they can trust.  They'll need to make Alliances.

Alliances is available on Amazon, in both e-book and paperback formats:

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Books 4 and 5 are already underway; if all goes well, Book 4 will be available this winter.  Come continue the adventure!