Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Borealis Book 3: Loyalties

I've just got back from a "four-day intensive editing workshop".  Which is to say, I spent a long weekend with one of the Four Readers of the Apocalypse.  There were caffeinated beverages, late nights, a chameleon, and chips (which are a proper meal, I don't care what anyone says).

During all that, I received a mountain of feedback about the third Borealis book, which I'm giving the title of Loyalties.  Two of the Readers of the Apocalypse (RotA) have now provided their initial thoughts, and I'm going to start editing while the RotA continue to comment as their time permits.

My current goal is to have Loyalties published no later than February 2017, with the fourth and fifth Borealis books to follow later in 2017 if all goes well.