Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Readers of the Apopsicle

The new trilogy, currently called 'What Was Lost', is currently in the hands of my trusted friends, known as the Readers of the Apopsicle, for their initial feedback.  

It’s difficult to describe how important they are to the process, or how valuable their feedback is.  After spending months working on a book, it becomes impossible for me to look at it objectively.  To mangle the proverb: I’ve been staring at the individual trees for so long that I’m no longer able to see the forest as a whole.

It’s really an enormous favour they do, as they read through my not-quite-finished work and give their honest feedback.  Sometimes they’ll point out plot holes, or logical inconsistencies, or characters that aren’t coming across the way I’d intended.  Other times, what’s going on makes perfect sense in my head but I don’t explain all of it to the reader.  They catch all this stuff and more.

All this reading takes time, so I resolve myself to be patient while the wonderful Readers go through it at their own pace.  But that doesn’t mean I’m entirely sitting still.  I’m using this time to start putting together some plot and character ideas for the next story.  

When the Readers have given me the gift of their feedback, I’m going to give the 'What Was Lost' trilogy another version, and by that point we should be getting pretty close to release time.  I’ll let you know where things stand then.

Enjoy the last few days of summer!