Sunday, June 28, 2015

Mugging Monsters

Progress continues on the third draft of MCtW.  I've made a few changes to the plot, including replacing one large scene with a much more interesting idea.  Doing so can be a bit tricky, because I then need to check continuity for the rest of the book.  I can't very well have characters talking about something that no longer happened; that would confuse the characters, the readers, and me!

I've just got home from spending a few days with my favourite kaleidoscope/editor, who lives in NY and has a summer home on the third level of the Abyss.  It really refills the creative tanks, to hang out with a creative mind and happily lob ideas back and forth.  When our brains started to sag from the exertion, we fired up Diablo 3 and spent hours a few minutes mutilating evil monsters for fun and profit.  It's better than therapy!

If everything continues going well, I hope to have the third draft of MCtW ready to visit my brilliant and generous beta readers by the end of July.  Come August, I've arranged for more time to spend working on writing, so the sequel to Burnt Worlds is going to be getting my undivided attention.  I'm looking forward to seeing what Dillon, Amba, Sap, and the Chief have all been up to.

I've got a few minutes left this evening... I think I'll go separate some monsters from their money.
They'd only spend it on frivolous stuff anyway.

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