Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Chosen: Cover Image

Coming very soon:  Chosen, the sequel to Burnt Worlds.

The Prophet is missing.  He must be found and returned to his homeworld, or there will be war.

The ancient Palani once ruled thousands of worlds, until their empire was consumed by the invading Horlan.  Only their mastery of genetic science helped them avoid extinction.

Now, they have created their greatest triumph:  the Prophet, the Elanasal Palani, distilled from the saints of ages past.  A beacon for a tired people, he will unite them against their new foe: the upstart Humans.

But the Prophet has disappeared.  He has travelled to Earth to meet these Humans himself, to understand why, in the name of enlightenment, they need to be destroyed.

Commander Dillon and the crew of HMCS Borealis must find the Prophet.  But time is short, and fleets are already on the move.  And the Prophet has discovered more on Earth than he expected.

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