Sunday, July 1, 2018

Red Space: Now Available!

Happy Canada Day!

I'm delighted to announce that Red Space, the fifth and last book in the HMCS Borealis series, is now available.

Here's the short version:

They may already be too late. 
Earth is losing the war against the Horlan. The crew of HMCS Borealis is on a last, desperate mission to turn the tide. Travelling to another galaxy, they have rescued scientists in search of a miracle, and gained an unexpected ally... but all at a terrible cost. 
With no contact from home, the crews of the Borealis, Sagan and Nirupak may be all that remains of humanity. Struggling with their losses and despair, the crews prepare for what lies ahead. But hidden in the darkness of a hostile galaxy, something else has taken notice.  
Against impossible odds, the Borealis sails one last time to fight in a war that may already be lost, and to come face-to-face with an ancient mystery.

Find a copy of Red Space here (universal link), or at an individual Amazon store:

It's been a long, fun adventure, and thanks to everyone who has come along for the ride.

But the ride isn't over with Red Space.  There will be more stories from that galaxy, from a different time in its history.

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