Friday, May 31, 2019

Standing By For Lauch

In the next couple weeks, a new adventure will begin.  Blue Guardian, the first book in my new 'Hybrid' series, will launch during June.  As I've mentioned previously, there'll be some new characters to meet, and a familiar face might make an appearance.

Right now, I'm in that strange sort of 'waiting area' that exists in the final days before a new book is launched.  The Five Readers of the Apopsicle have been taking turns with the book, and I've been busy incorporating their feedback as it comes.  I tend to fuss a lot over the final version:  I spend ages trying to hunt down typos and Kindle formatting issues and other strangeness.  Finally clicking the 'Publish' button is a bit nerve-wracking.

In the meantime, the second book in the 'Hybrid' series is underway.  I'm up around 50k words now, and there's a ways to go before the first draft is done.  It looks like my handwriting is getting worse.  I didn't think that was possible.

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