Friday, August 16, 2019

Flawless Process

Even after I'm done editing, there's still a bit of work to be done to get a new book ready for release.  It's a highly technical process that looks a bit like this:

1.  Output ebook file.
2.  Upload ebook file to Amazon.
3.  Preview ebook file in online viewer and on tablet.
4.  Find some tiny thing that isn't formatted perfectly.
5.  Fuss over tiny thing for an hour and a half.
6.  Go to step 1.

This process continues until either (a) the book is perfect or (b) I lose the will to live.  Ideally (a), but there are no guarantees.

Then, once the final, final, final version of the ebook is uploaded, the book can be published.  As a reward, I get to go ahead and run through the same process for the paperback version, which requires different formatting.  Once that is done, I go through an entirely different process for the cover of the paperback.

Granted, a lot of this is self-inflicted.  I don't have to be so fussy.  I could say "that'll do" and shorten the entire process by about 93.7%.

But it's fine!  I'm getting much better at the whole formatting thing.  Each time I publish a new book, I get the hang of it.  And then, I forget everything by the time the next book is ready.

It's a flawless process.

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