Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Telling a story in an empty room

People have asked me about my writing environment.  You know, people.  The same people that politicians refer to all the time.  Yeah, them.  

Anyway.  It seems like it's a fairly popular thing to bring a laptop (or even a typewriter, I've heard) into a crowded coffee shop and write there.  Godspeed to the people who can do that, but my writing environment is pretty much the exact opposite of a laptop in a crowded coffee shop.


Yeah, the light is a bit of a cliche, but I like it.

Visually, I find I need an environment with less stimulation, not more.  I have a quiet spot away from windows where there's nothing to look at other than the 'Post-It Farm' where I keep track of story details.  

Instead of the random chatter of strangers and the wheezing of nuclear-powered coffee-making machines, I listen to music on wireless headphones.  I prefer instrumental music, usually heroic stuff like 'Two Steps From Hell'.  

As for the writing itself, I use a fountain pen.  The resulting scribbles look like a prescription from Satan's doctor, but it's the closest I can come to keeping up with the firehose of weirdness coming out of my head. 

Speaking of weirdness, I'm happy to report that the fourth (and probably last) book in the 'Hybrid' series is now at 100,000 words and counting.  I think the first draft is about two-thirds done, more or less.  If the final draft is way over 150k, I'll probably split it into two books.  We'll see!


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