Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Bumper Sticker

I’ve recently finished the fourth draft of 'Crusades', the fourth and last book in the 'Hybrid' series.  With each draft, the book has been shrinking:  the first draft was 159k words, and now it’s down to about 129k.  At that rate, the 15th draft will fit on a bumper sticker.

There comes a point when I realise I’ve been staring at the same words for so long that I need to step back and let other eyes look at it.  To do that, I’ve just forwarded copies to the greatly-esteemed Readers Of The Apopsicle, in hopes of being given the benefit of their opinions and insight.  

It’s the last book in the series, so I want to make sure the stories end in ways that make sense and are satisfying.  From past experience, I’ve learned that the parts I think are problems usually aren’t, and the parts I think are great are probably full of problems.

While I await Apopsicle feedback, I’m compiling stacks of ideas for the next series.  I’ve got some character ideas, some plot ideas, and some random weirdness all starting to come together.  There’s a lot more work to be done before I even think about starting the first book, but so far so good.

Here in the lovely Canadian countryside, winter is determined to give us one last kick in the head before it leaves and sulks for six months.  Last week it was sunny and 20+C during the day, and today it’s snowing with a high of -3C.  It’d be great if the weather (and the universe in general) were to just settle down and be sensible for a while.  Not much chance of that, eh?

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