Sunday, January 11, 2015


Like I mentioned before, I think it's vital for any creative person to have access to one honest opinion, to one person who can challenge you to do better. 

I have been fortunate to have such a person come into my universe:  Lia Black.  She's a writer as well, and though she writes in a quite a different genre than I do, she's very good at it.

She's one of my all-time favourite humans, and I love her to bits.  We made an agreement early on to provide feedback on each others' stories, and to do so constructively, without taking any of it personally.  That's made all the difference for me.  If you're in any sort of creative endeavour, I hope you find someone who can do the same for you. 

The title of this post is an in-joke sort of reference to her unique ability to create the most spectacularly fucked-up pairings of characters, and still create a romance that brings them together in a believable, rewarding way.  It's truly remarkable to see it happen; it's like a superpower.

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