Wednesday, January 14, 2015


There's another human writer who is of particular personal interest to me. I'd like to introduce you to Jaye McKenna.

Lia was very kind to bring Jaye and I into each others' orbits, and she's very much one of our tribe. By 'tribe', of course, I mean that circle of humans who are like us, but not necessarily related to us. In this case, I refer specifically to humans with the previously mentioned "twisted, messed-up [and] morally-out-of-the-mainstream" sense of humour.

She's a prolific writer.  Good lord, how prolific.  She's published more than Lia and I put together. Which, seeing as how I haven't published anything yet, sounds pretty stupid. But when I read this again in ten years, it'll be hilarious.

Plus, she's smart. I mean, to the extent that she, Lia and I constitute an 'operation', she is definitely the 'brains of' said operation. She's been to school and everything. I especially like that she's particular about the science in her science fiction. Getting the science right has been a fetish obsession interest of mine.  The reader probably doesn't know how a jump drive works.  I figure they should feel comfortable leaving the driving to a character who does it all the time.

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