Thursday, November 16, 2017

Stuff's Happening

The fourth book in the story of HMCS Borealis is being edited, and it's going well.  I'm very grateful for the feedback I've received so far from the Readers of the Apocalypse and the Primary Litho-Kinetic Technician.  They're awesome.

This fourth book now has a name:  it will be called Realm of Elinth.  It'll be a familiar reference for those who have been following the series, though the Freem won't let me say anything more.

As the release of Realm of Elinth draws nearer, there are giveaways going on for the members of the Fancy New Newsletter.  Copies of Chosen were recently given away to some attractive and intelligent people, and it's very possible that another giveaway will happen soon.

In other news, my fantasy book Magic Comes to Whiteport has been well-received at the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off (SPFBO) for 2017.  It made it to the semi-finals and while it didn't proceed further, the judge Ventureadlaxre had nice things to say:
Personally… Magic Comes to Whiteport remains in my head as something I simply liked. The characters, the plot, the writing… all together, it’s just a nice, enjoyable and entertaining read. It was what I wanted at the time, and if I had time to read any of these again on an empty afternoon, it’s the one I’d pick up.
Thanks again to Ventureadlaxre for their kind words; I'm happy they enjoyed it.  I enjoyed writing it, and I might return to look in on those characters again someday.

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