Saturday, November 30, 2019

Coreward: Cover Image

Here at the Secret Lair, we've finished getting ready for winter.  We installed the snow tires on our cars, put the patio furniture away, and gave the snowblower a tune-up.  In accordance with Prophecy, we performed the sacrifices and spoke the forbidden words.  We pray we have appeased the ancient evil that dwells within the mountain.  You know, normal stuff.

In the meantime, Coreward, the second book in the 'Hybrid' series is nearing completion.  I'm delighted to share the final cover art:

Yaella has grown up.  Zura has grown cranky.
The book has been making numerous rounds of the 'Readers of the Apopsicle'; have I mentioned lately how awesome these people are?  With their help, I'm hoping for a release somewhere around mid-December.  As always, I might let that slip a bit, because I think 'great' is better than 'on time'.

While all that's going on, I'm moving ahead with the third book in the series.  It doesn't have a name yet, but it's about 30,000 words' worth of indecipherable scribbles.  So that's neat.

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