Saturday, December 28, 2019

Coreward: Now Available!

It's a holiday miracle!  (well, maybe not a miracle, but I'm still happy about it...)  The second book in the Hybrid series is now available on Amazon.

Ten years after the events of Blue Guardian, the precocious youngster Yaella has grown into a strong-willed young adult.  She's just graduated university, and has a vision of buying a ship with her friends and exploring the galaxy.

Her mother, the fearsome Mahasa Varta, now oversees a network of human colonies developing across former Palani worlds.  Keeping tabs on a few million colonists is as much a challenge as keeping tabs on her independent-minded daughter.

"I am going to go get my daughter.  And I am going to kill everyone in my way.  Everyone."

For eight centuries, Mahasa (General) Zura Varta led the forces of the Palani Empire, gaining a reputation for ruthlessness.  Now she is the Governor of the Outer Frontier Territories, overseeing dozens of new human colonies on former Palani worlds.

As the Mahasa’s adopted daughter, Yaella grew up in a world of discipline and order.  Newly graduated from university, the impetuous young woman dreams of a life travelling the stars.  With her friends Tal and Bucky, she wants to buy a ship and go into business.

But Palani-Human hybrids like Yaella aren’t welcome in some areas of the galaxy.  In other areas they’re sought after… for the wrong reasons.

When you fly Coreward, you fly into danger.  It’s a place where merely landing on the wrong planet can set unexpected events in motion.  Some events will affect a single young life, and some events will affect the entire galaxy.

New parts of the galaxy will continue to be explored.  We'll meet new friends, and maybe catch a glimpse of some familiar faces from long ago.  I hope you enjoy Coreward, and will continue on this new adventure!
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In the meantime, I've deep into the first draft of Book 3 in the series, which doesn't yet have a name.  Book 4 has an outline, and Book 5 (and potentially 6) are quietly forming in the ether.

Thank you for your continued support!  I hope 2020 brings you peace.  And cookies.

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