Sunday, April 30, 2023

Almost there...

Stuff's happening!  After one last round of edits, I now have a final draft for all three books of the new series.  They've been given new titles, too:

The 'What Was Lost' series

  1. Heresy & Hyperspace
  2. Corruption & Meltdown
  3. Salvation & Sacrifice

I'm going to set the final draft aside for a week or so, then I'll pick it back up and give it one last readthrough, which I always do out loud.  This allows me to hear phrases (especially in dialogue) that don't sound right.  I also lose my voice for a few days afterward, which is beneficial for everyone around me.  It's kind of a win-win.

After that, and after making any changes that come as a result of the readthrough, I'll have a final, final version.  The covers and blurbs are already done, so it's just a bit of Amazon admin to do before the trilogy is ready to go.  I'm going to release the three books a month apart, so I'm aiming for June, July, and August.

In kinda-related news, I've also decided to create new cover art for the my first series, the Borealis story, which will hopefully be ready around the same time.

Also in the meantime, ideas are coming together for the next story I'm going to start, tentatively called 'Six Bits'.

I'll report back with release dates as soon as I've nailed them down.


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