Friday, May 5, 2023

'Borealis' Gets a New Look

Because I keep doing this to myself, I decided that my first series -- the story of HMCS Borealis -- needed new cover art.  

I wanted the books in the series to have a consistent look to them, with covers that tied them all together.  The original covers were great back when I made them, but I thought I could do something better now.

In addition to which, I've been wanting to give the series another editing pass to make the formatting more consistent, and to stamp out a few typos that I have found.  I have no idea how there are still typos in there after all this time, but there are a few fewer now.

The new covers (and edited/reformatted text) have been introduced today.  I'm happy with the results:

Looking sharp. 

In the meantime, the new series is ready for its final readthrough.  The first of June is looking pretty achievable right now.  *crosses fingers*

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