Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Borealis 5: Even More First Draft Progress

I'm delighted to report that the writing continues, with words all over the place.(1)  The first draft of 'Borealis 5' is at 60,000 words and counting.  It's full of stuff; I'm happy with it.

In related news, I can also report that my handwriting is getting worse, and is pretty much incomprehensible scribbling at this point.  I'm happy with that, too.

Once the first draft is done, it will be time for the reign of blood editing stage.  Someone way smarter than me (not a high bar to clear, but still) once said that a first draft is just filling the sandbox with sand, and that the sand castles don't get made until editing starts.  They said other smart stuff too, but I wasn't paying attention by then.

For those thinking of trying their hand at writing, you're in luck.  My fellow accused bestie Lia Black has a new blog called 'The Palimpsest Pen' where she offers helpful(2) advice for those who are thinking of picking up a pen.

1.  Not like that.  Ew.
2.  And by 'helpful', I of course mean 'catastrophic'.

Quote of the day:

"If it's on the Internet, it must be true."
- Julius Caesar

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